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Physicians Who Care has always been a supporter of Medical Savings Accounts. We are happy to distribute this letter via this Web site and, hopefully, many of you will sign on.

Please read Greg Scandlen's MSA letter to the president, Greg's instructions below and sign on, including degrees and positions, for identification purposes. Your signature will represent you as an individual, not as a representative of an institution.

Greg is with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas, Texas, and is stationed in the Washington DC area. Greg and NCPA have been active for years in promoting MSAs for over a decade. John Goodman, the president of NCPA is one of Gov. George W. Bush's top advisers.

Please respond directly to Greg at his e-mail address or fax #301-682-7241.

Greg Scandlen writes:

1. I've been advised that Congress will be getting out ASAP. So the sooner we publish this the better. So I've moved up the publication date to October 2. That means we need to get the signatures finalized by SEPTEMBER 27!!

2. Please forward this to all your contacts, and have them e-mail me directly. I want to have some documentation that each signer requested to be included. If they prefer to fax me a notice, my fax # is 301-682-7241. I will not use any name without getting confirmation directly from the signer.

3. Signers do not have to contribute, but the more funds we can raise, the wider (and bigger) we can publish it. In order of priority the papers I'm looking at are: Wash Post, Wash Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and USA Today. ....

4. Contributions should be made out to Health Benefits Group (Fed Tax ID #54-1789426) and mailed to PO Box 806, Frederick, MD 21705. I will start off with a contribution of $100 -- maybe more if we need it to put us over the top.



Dear Mr. President,

You have been badly misinformed about Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). You have been advised to veto any legislation that includes an expansion of the current MSA program. You have been told that MSAs benefit the healthy and the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. But your advisors are wrong.

In fact, MSAs benefit nearly everybody. MSAs save money for both the wealthy and the unwealthy. They provide more choice for both the healthy and the unhealthy. Researchers at the prestigious RAND Corporation recently published a study which concluded when given a choice, "higher-income employees prefer to stay with the HMO." They also found that it is the least healthy workers who most prefer an MSA.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) found that one-third of the people who have purchased an MSA previously had no insurance coverage at all.

We urge you to sign any MSA legislation the Congress should pass. We are well-experienced with MSAs, and we find they are an important alternative to managed care. We are doctors, economists, actuaries, insurance agents, and just plain health care consumers. MSAs need to be made available to all Americans, not just those few who can get them today.

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