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On February 4, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has scheduled a "Health Care Fly-In" of its members to lobby against patient protection legislation.

It is imperative that all concerned citizens respond to this event by contacting all members of Congress urging the to pass, in this session of Congress, patient protection legislation.

Every member of Congress should have on his or her desk a stack of mailgrams or faxes from constituents clearly stating that patient protections are important. The more mail Congress receives from us, the easier it will be for each Member to the the NAM visitor that their employees (who are voters) want something done about the way they are treated under managed care.

Please send mailgrams or call 1-800-756-1100 to have a fax sent to your Representative and Senators.

Act now or we may find that Congress will turn its back on patients.

Remember that the easiest way to get a message to Congress is just dial 1-800-756-1100 and ask them to send the prewritten message in favor of patient protection legislation.

Let's generate thousands of mailgrams and faxes!

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