Greg Scandlen, National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in
Dallas, Texas, urges you to sign MSA letter to the President.


Medical Savings Accounts(MSAs) are a revolutionary new health care product. They promise to reduce health care costs as much as managed care plans but provide as much freedom of choice to patients as traditional "fee for service" medicine. Patients are free to choose their own physicians and make their own health care decisions without involvement of third parties (e.g. insurance companies).

MSAs promote savings and may be used to supplement income in retirement or in case of disability. They represent a move away from insurance company medical decision making and toward patient-physician decision making.

Congress recently passed a trial MSA program. You can read the law here or read a synopsis.

Patients like MSAs. Physicians like MSAs. Employers like MSAs. What are MSAs?. How can you get one?

This page is a resource about MSAs. It will keep abreast of new developments with MSAs and provide links to other informative MSA pages.

Would you like to know what companies and what states have MSAs? Find out how patients and employers are faring with current MSA plans.

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